Worthless Films

The Beginning

It all started with my families Hi-8mm handy cam. Filming my friends and I jumping our BMX bikes & skateboarding on our backyard mini ramp. All the while hoping to capture the inevitable crash to re-play over and over as we laugh at our buddies pain.     

Around the time Senior Projects started becoming a topic, I started brainstorming a way to get mine done with the least amount of actual "work" while maximizing the fun! The idea was born. Film and make a BMX/Moto video! Back in 1999 my video influence was the annual release of moto films like MotoXXX and Crusty Demons of Dirt. To fill the void during the other months we would just constantly watch and re-watch the same videos with some Props BMX videos thrown in as we could get them. Remember, back then the internet was just getting started. Dial up AOL messenger was about the only thing going. With pictures taking a few minutes to load, you can forget about playing a video. YouTube wasn't even launched till the spring of 2005! From what I can remember, we didn't even really go filming with any plan. Just to get some cool jumps and the biggest tricks we could on film. There was no consideration for lighting or camera settings really. The old camera basically just had an on and off switch. Simpler times for sure. With some help from my parents, a summer of traveling, riding and generally just screwing off, the Bmx Project and Worthless Films was created. 

We decided on production name because of our other moto video creators that were popular at the time. MotoXXX had "Quick fix Productions" Fox Racing had "Standard Films" Crusty had "Fleshwound Films" you get the idea. We were just a bunch of kids with no real budget, a cheap camera and we were in no way as good as the guys we watched on TV. Pretty worthless in comparison. So it was decided. A "Worthless" video production was created. From then on out everything we did was Worthless. 

As years past, I kept filming and eventually scraped up enough money to buy a used Apple i-Mac to edit my own videos on. We never really had enough footage edited together to make a full 30 minute video like all of the bigger production companies made each year. I had a few two to three minute segments that were pretty cool but still no one to share them with except for the few friends that wanted to crowd around the 15'' i-Mac for exclusive viewings. 

With no real way to share my videos, filming and editing kind of died off a bit for me. Around 2008 I got the itch and ended up picking up a used camera and started taking photos. Ironically that camera came from the woman I now share every incredible adventure with. Funny how life happens like that...

"Worthless Video Productions" first BMX/MOTO video in 2000.

"Worthless Video Productions" first BMX/MOTO video in 2000.

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